SWAG Students read Joy Harjo poems - and their own!
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SWAG (Student Writers' Assembled Guild) students read poems by US Poet Laureate Joy Harjo. These students would've presented at an Open Mic for all at Levine Campus, and Joy Harjo was scheduled as our Irene Blair Honeycutt Distinguished Lecturer for Sensoria 2020. Special thanks to ENG instructor Elizabeth West, faculty advisor to SWAG, for working with the students on these, and to Central Piedmont Student Life for its coordination of all the student clubs, including SWAG!

Click on each student's name below to watch and listen!

Caitlyn Brown, current SWAG secretary, reads Joy Harjo’s “Once the World Was Perfect”

Sam Clarke, founder of SWAG and first president, reads an original poem, “Room 452”

Shania Lao, current SWAG president, reads Joy Harjo’s “Perhaps the World Ends Here”

Alejandro Torres, former SWAG president, reads an original poem, “I Used to Like the Words Coming out of Your Mouth”

Zach Walker, current SWAG member, reads an original untitled poem

Ben Wolf, SWAG founding alum and former president (2016-17), reads Joy Harjo’s “An American Sunrise” and an original poem, “When On High”

You can read these and other poems by Joy Harjo in our ENG 232 textbook and on-line at the Poetry Foundation.

SWAG, the Student Writers Assembled Guild, was founded by Sam Clarke and began on Levine Campus in 2016. SWAG meets on a weekly basis (and has been meeting via Zoom meetings since going online) to write, share, and celebrate the craft of writing. SWAG alumni return to join us at least twice a year for celebratory writing sessions. All Central Piedmont students are welcome to join SWAG and experience this unique creative Student Life community. Email elizabeth.west@cpcc.edu for more information.