Adrienne Charleston and GOALLLS: Garner Opportunities And Live, Learn, Love Something
Leadership & Service

Adrienne Charleston, Life Coach, will discuss how to make goals, plan for each step, and achieve your goals--with a tailored approach given the current pandemic paradigm.

This was live on Wednesday, April 22, 10:30 - 11:20am. Listen to an audio recording HERE.

Adrienne Charleston decided at the age of 25 that she wanted to help people reach their full potential. At that time, she found herself 7 years into the military with some years left on her obligation. So, she made a plan. This plan took years to come to fruition, but she never gave up and kept moving forward despite the speed bumps life placed in her way. She retired from the military before graduating with her Master’s in Psychology. Adrienne then tested and became a Licensed Psychological Associate and began practicing Psychology in the state of North Carolina. She also provides Life Coaching services worldwide. Adrienne is a Motivational Speaker with 3 books published, one of poetry, one a workbook on happiness, and the last a journal. You can find more about Adrienne and all she is doing on her website: