Sensoria Student Scholarship Winners!
Arts & Design

Congratulations to the nine recipients of the 2020 Sensoria Scholarships, recommended by faculty in their disciplines and awarded by the Central Piedmont Foundation! A total of $4,500 in scholarships for future studies at Central Piedmont have been awarded to these students in visual, literary, and performing arts:

L-R top row: Avery J. Symes (writing), Kyla Smit (dance), Maryam Von Briesen (visual art), Katy Grace Schultz (drama); L-R bottom row: Misti Brandwood (writing), Charlotte Pell (visual art), Kellie Williams (music), Tate Viviano (visual art); photo unavailable: Andrew Litton (music)

Congratulations again! And thank you to the Central Piedmont faculty, staff, and administration who inspire, educate, inform, and encourage our students! And thank you to the Central Piedmont Foundation! As always, our students say it best:

I am so grateful for the dancing program and to pursue something that I am so passionate about. Thank you to everyone who supports me and helps me become the best dancing version I can be. I feel grateful to have received the Sensoria Scholarship.- Kyla Smit

I am truly grateful for the [Cato] writing fellows and for Mrs. Dervin. I can confidently say the writing fellows have pushed me to grow and exceed self made limits. Writing has truly expanded my creativity, and more importantly has allowed me to express myself to the outside world. I now know my potential is far greater then I ever anticipated. - Avery J. Symes

The Visual Arts department is filled with teachers who are incredibly supportive, encouraging and have so much knowledge to give their students. I am so grateful for all of my teachers and friends at CPCC who have taught me so much and are constantly challenging me to push my art further. - Tate Viviano

Working on my writing pushes me to explore new ideas and my authentic self. Without it, I would not be who I am today. - Misti Brandwood

With the support of the amazing staff and community of students in the art program at CPCC, I have been able to take my time experimenting with many different mediums and ideas, as well as make connections with current and future Charlotte artists, all of which have helped me find my own artistic path, for which I am thankful. - Maryam Von Briesen