Alice Ballard Artist Lecture
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A 2021 REBOOT!

Featured Sensoria Visual Artist Alice Ballard’s Harmony With an Edge exhibition will be coming back with new work installed in the Overcash Gallery on the Central Campus. Alice Ballard's show was first installed in 2020 almost simultaneously with the stay at home order. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring her back again!


Follow this link to the April 14th, 2021 virtual artist lecture and a new virtual tour of the 2021 show.


Alice Ballard is a ceramic artist whose work is deeply connected to nature. Working with clay, Ballard takes her inspiration from close observation and communion with the natural world around her. Pressing the clay into molds, Ballard creates organic shapes in hopes of transcending the divide between art and the outside world. With a great concern for the environment and conservation, Ballard hopes that, through her art, others will be inspired to forge their own connection with nature.

The Harmony With an Edge exhibition includes work consisting of tree totems, wall hanging pods, and a variety of white earthenware pieces. Ballard’s work will be in Overcash Center’s latest gallery addition, Overcash Gallery, through May 27th, 2021.

More info on this and other gallery exhibitions can be found here.

See more of Alice Ballard's work HERE


This work is best seen in person and we hope to have an opportunity to lead limited number, socially distant tours during the month of April if safe and possible.

Contact for protocols and avability in April.


  • Wed. April 14 2021 at 11AM