Podcasting at Central Piedmont Community College
Leadership & Service

Join some of our Central Piedmont staff to explore the power of podcasting and using technology  to tell our stories.


Jerry Landry serves as the Technical Project Director for Talent Development at Central Piedmont.

Jerry Landry has been a podcaster since 2016 and has produced two podcasts: the Harrison Podcast and his current project, the Presidencies of the United States. His current podcast is a narrative format examination of the tenure of each American president in order from the beginning with occasional special episodes featuring interviews with presidential historians and authors. Jerry participated in WFAE’s 2019 Queen City PodQuest. In 2020, Jerry presented as part of a speaking series in Davidson, NC on “Faith and the Presidencies” and at the Intelligent Speech Conference on “The Rebellions of the Early Republic.” Jerry has been a guest on numerous other podcasts including Ohio v the World, American Presidents: Totalus Rankium, History’s What If, the American History Podcast, and more.

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Dr. Debbie Lord serves as the Executive Director of the Central Piedmont Talent and Leadership Development program.


Dr. Shantell Strickland Davis serves as the Executive Director for the Wilton and Mary W. Parr Center For Teaching and Learning Excellence


Shannon Blair is a Central Piedmont Community College professor of English and serves as an Academic Techonology Trainer at the Wilton and Mary W. Parr Center for Teaching and Leaning Excellence


All of our hosts are exploring the power of podcasting as a way to tell their stories and deliver relevant content.

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  • Wed. April 14 2021 at 12:30PM